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Verizon cuts the price of their unlimited voice plan

Verizon's drop in their voice plan could trigger similar moves by other carriers.
Verizon's drop in their voice plan could trigger similar moves by other carriers.
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Verizon Wireless has just reduced the price for unlimited calling on its voice plan. The price is now $69 per month, which is about a $30 drop. This brings the carrier in below AT&T's unlimited voice plan, which runs at $99.99, about what Verizon's was before the cut. Kevin, a Verizon representative from the Chenal location in LIttle Rock, says that subscribers will be able to purchase the plan on Monday, January 18th.

This puts even more fire into the competition, after previous ads run by Verizon detailing their more impressive 3G coverage compared to AT&T. However, it is doubtful that AT&T can sue Verizon for this move, as they did over the "there's a map for that" commercials. At least this news is good for the customers.

Some analysts think that this price drop will force AT&T to do the same, or lose business. With the company's recent coverage woes, it's not hard to see subscribers jumping ship to sign up with Verizon Wireless. 

In addition to the price cut in unlimited voice plans, Verizon also has their new DROID devices on sale. Currently, if you buy a DROID ($199.99) or DROID Eris ($79.99), you can get a DROID Eris for free.

If you are looking for a Verizon Wireless store in Little Rock, there are quite a few options:

Verizon Wireless

12018 Chenal Parkway, Little Rock, AR‎ - (501) 224-9119‎


1 Allied Drive, Little Rock, AR‎ - (501) 905-8000‎


124 West Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, AR‎ - (501) 372-4854

You can also check out this page for all of the Verizon Wireless locations in Little Rock: Verizon Wireless in Little Rock, AR

And as always, customers can purchase wireless plans and phones on Verizon's website at


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