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Verizon cuts prices with new "More Everything" plan

Verizon announced today that they are cutting prices for wireless services with a new plan called "More Everything," as reported on Feb. 13. The new cuts sound great for consumers, though the plans are complex. Verizon is doing this in response to price cutting that's taken place recently at AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note are available at Verizon.
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Highlights of Verizon's More Everything plan include:

  • Reduced prices for monthly data usage
  • Free, unlimited international texting
  • 25 gigabytes (GB) of cloud storage.

The most interesting aspect of the More Everything plan is that it reduces prices for monthly data usage. Verizon is reducing the cost per gigabyte (GB) of monthly data usage under the existing Verizon Edge plan by increasing the amount of data that most plans are entitled to use at their old cost. Beginning Feb. 13:

  • People with 500 megabyte Edge plans will automatically receive 1GB plans
  • 1GB plans will be come 2GB plans
  • 2GB plans become 3GB plans.

Verizon's inclusion of free international text messaging is an excellent aspect of the new plan. This is a nice step in the direction that T-Mobile set when they established T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan, which allows data use as well as texting outside the U.S. at no extra charge.

Verizon's addition of 25 gigabytes (GB) of cloud storage per plan is another nice add-on. That's five times the amount that Apple provides free to iPhone and iPad users. Cloud storage is great for backing up the photos and music on your phone.

Results for customers: The video attached to this article estimates that existing Verizon users can save about $10 per month if they reduce their monthly data allowance after Verizon automatically increases it. The CNET article cited above notes that Verizon's new pricing is still higher than that of other carriers.

If you're signing up for new service, the Verizon More Everything plan is definitely worth checking. Here's a link to the Verizon web page covering the details of their new plan.

Here's a link to Ina Fried's article on Re/ covering the new Verizon offering. Note the comments from her readers thanking T-Mobile for keeping phone services competitive. They are right. Price improvements have been a long time coming and T-Mobile clearly led the way in that arena.

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