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Vera Farmiga loves romance in 'At Middleton'

It's been a busy year for actress Vera Farmiga starring in action and horror/suspense films along with her current role as spooky hotelier Norma Bates in the A&E television series, “Bates Motel." She was able to take a breather from those roles as she stars opposite Andy Garcia in "At Middleton."

Edith (Vera Farmiga) enjoys a bike ride with George (Andy Garcia) in "At Middleton."
Anchor Bay

The Academy Award-nominated actress (who played George Clooney’s love interest in “Up in the Air”) is Edith, a helicopter mom, who is touring a college with her daughter, Audrey (played by her real life sister Taissa Farmiga). By chance, Edith meets tightly wound George (Andy Garcia), a surgeon who also is visiting the college with his son, Conrad (Spencer Lofranco). A romantic spark happens between the two very different adults when they stray from the tour group and take their own journey of discovery around the Middleton campus.

Asked what she thought romance means to her, she eloquently said, "Romance means being passionate and inspired, and being present. To have that awareness is to not take it for granted. What I’ve discovered about it is you can’t just wait for it to happen; you have to chase after it with a club. You have to revitalize that for yourself on a daily basis. It means commitment to the idea of romance. It’s a choice to have a romantic life. In that way, love becomes a decision. That’s what was so vital to me about this movie. From the outside, it’s a very lighthearted romantic comedy, but at the heart of it are these heavy-duty concepts like “Is love a decision? Is it something that you choose to do if it falls into your lap and you deny it? Is love an errand? Do you choose who you love?”

Vera is also excited for the upcoming season of "Bates Motel." She adds, "It’s coming out in March. All these characters get more fully immersed in the community that they’ve settled in. The season starts off with a certain successful business. The season starts off with Norma (her character in the show, a prequel to “Psycho”) enjoying a certain measure of success. She’s gotten everything that she wanted to achieve with this motel. It’s a bang up business at the start of the season but it all goes terribly awry when a certain guest shows up."

"At Middleton" opens in theatres on January 31, 2014.

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