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Venus the planet of love predictor of Marriage by Terry Nazon

The planet of love, wealth and romance is the planet Venus. This week Venus aligns with the disciplined planet Saturn and combines with the asteroid Chiron, and the planet of day dreams Neptune solidifying relationships. This combination makes us all reflective about what's most important to us, and we come up with the same answer Love.

Today we’re all struck by Cupid's and no sacrifice is too great for love. Making this a great day and time if you have something to say to someone close. Make up, make amends, say you’re sorry and mean it, and all is forgiven if not forgotten.

If you’re inclined it’s also not a bad day to tell someone you care or that you love them, or pop the question…after a very tense and disruptive time, we all need to walk on the grass hand in hand with someone caring and wonderful, chit chat over a table at an out of the way restaurant, hold hands and perhaps say nothing…it’s time to make memories people, so grab someone and make a romantic memory you won’t forget.

It's a rare day when the planet Venus is love struck but in the sign of Pisces she is! Listen to more about love and relationships on iheartradio Talk

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