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Venus inspired Valentine’s menu at NYC’s LuLu & Me

Fresh Maine lobster is on the Valentine's Day menu at Lulu & Me in Manhattan.
Fresh Maine lobster is on the Valentine's Day menu at Lulu & Me in Manhattan.
Lulu & Me

The Valentine’s Day four-course menu this Friday at popular Manhattan restaurant LuLu & Me is inspired by Venus (the Goddess of Love) and the 36-year partnership of the restaurant’s owners. Chef Karen Fohrhatz Miele and her husband/manager Michael Miele will help anyone zing a lover’s heart for just $55 per person at their establishment at 253 Fifth Avenue near 28th Street.

“The love of great food and drink is often the recipe to bring lovers together,” said the Mieles, who opened the eclectic new world restaurant just two years ago. “Venus will be smiling as you’re dining on the menu which includes such romance-inspiring ingredients as raspberries, vanilla, pine nuts, salmon, avocado, pomegranate, lemon, arugula, ginger, chili peppers and chocolate.”

A Dinner For Lovers

The specially created LuLu & Me Valentine’s Day dinner menu includes a variety of choices and flavors.

  • Course One: Sparkling wine toast – glass of Prosecco with three-cheese and pine nut shortbread.
  • Course Two: Appetizer choice of fresh Maine lobster (frisee, arugula, avocado salad) or fettuccine (porcini and shiitake mushrooms).
  • Course Three: Entrée choice of sea scallops (red quinoa, parsnips, limonata) or North Atlantic salmon (miso butter, ginger, spinach, shiitake mushrooms) or ribeye steak (pan roasted Yukon gold potatoes).
  • Course Four: Dessert choice of warm chocolate cake (vanilla ice cream and salty caramel sauce) or raspberry walnut tart with cream.

A special Valentine’s Day cocktail, “LuLu’s Pomegranate Martini,” is priced at $10.

Reservations: 212-290-2460 or LuLu & Me website.

Forget Calories, Focus On Romance Value

Valentine's Day is a day to focus on love and not calories. According to Valentine's Day lore, here is the romance-inspiring value of ingredients that are part of the Lulu & Me dinner menu.

  • Raspberries – Keeps libido revved.
  • Vanilla – Believed to spark arousal in men; said to increase lust.
  • Pine nuts – Assists sexual stamina in men.
  • Salmon – Elevates mood to help lovers feel good, happy and "in the mood."
  • Avocado – Viewed as so obscene in Old World Spain that Catholic priests forbade parishioners to eat it.
  • Pomegranate – Increases testosterone in men.
  • Lemon – The fragrance is very uplifting.
  • Arugula – Considered to have love potion powers since the First century A.D.
  • Ginger – Can increase body heat and help improve pleasure and desire.
  • Chili peppers – Said to increase body temperature and heart rate.
  • Chocolate -- Suggested to "get you in the mood" and believed to deliver a natural physical and emotional high.
  • Walnuts – Good for sexual life; increases male potency.
  • Mushrooms – Helps increase desire in both men and women.
  • Steak – Boosts libido as well as sexual desire and sensitivity.
  • Lobster – Increases libido in men and enhances sexual performance.


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