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Venture out this Valentine's Day

Are you single on Valentine's Day? If you are like millions of New Yorker's that don't have a a significant other this upcoming Friday, don't let the commercialistic and sappy nature of this artificial holiday get you down. Instead, use this day to your advantage.

What better time to venture into your favorite local bar than on Valentine's Day? You are all but guaranteed that the other people in the bar who are not couples are single as well. To put things even more in your favor, many of these men and women are probably feeling down themselves about not having someone else. So swoop right in and be their Valentine's Day hero!

I would highly recommend an area that is filled with a multitude of bar hopping opportunities within a short range. Midtown East between the forties and fifties will serve you nicely, as well as the Lower East Side by Ludlow and Rivington.

So this Friday, get out there, have some fun, and enjoy life! You never know who Cupid may have you bumping into.

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