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Venture into the Voyage: Dada Life Lands in Southern California

Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it's the dynamic DJ duo, Dada Life, arriving via hot air balloon over the mountains of San Bernardino!

DADA LAND: THE VOYAGE on July 19 in San Bernardino, CA-slide0
BSK: @bskphoto for Insomniac
DADA LAND: THE VOYAGE on July 19 in San Bernardino, CA
Insomniac Events

Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom, both Swedish dance music producers, are the two elements that make up the musical compound that is Dada Life. Back in 2010, Dada Life gained recognition in the United States for their astounding performances at two of the largest electronic dance festivals, Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival.

By creating a scene full of rave-friendly debauchery, Dada Life has a way of getting under your skin. They help bring out that inner-party child you may have forgotten about or still know well. With an uncanny charisma and irrefutable energy, they cultivate a memorable music experience by dousing the audience with champagne, inflatable bananas (Dada's favorite club food) and glittering confetti.

Since their debut album, The Rules of Dada, these two have proven themselves as tour-de-force of electronic dance music. And this summer, they have teamed with Insomniac events to put together a festival full of musical decadence called Dada Land: The Voyage.

So, what is Dada Land? It is a spectacle of EDM theatrics featuring an assortment of live DJs and, of course, positive vibes. The Voyage is a concept inspired by the movie, Around the World in Eight Days. Instead of venturing across the world, Dada fans could go on an excursion of progressive house and dance music through a terrain of blasting beats and rhythmic dynamite.

"We wanted to create an idealistic image for our tour by arriving in a hot air balloon," Corneer says.

Upon entering Dada Land, you could see candy-kid-ravers getting their glow sticks ready for a night of chaos and dancing in preparation for Dada Life's first set. Dada played a number of fan favorites, including, "Rolling Stone T-Shirt" and "Happy Violence", causing a frenzy of excitement and jovial commotion.

"Our first set featured a lot of the classic tracks," Engblom excitedly explains. "Then we'll be playing our newer songs later in the night."

While start-up acts, such as the renowned Morgan Page and Madeon, took the stage, festival goers could also participate in activities such as jumping in bouncy castles, going on scavenger hunts and jamming out at the silent disco.

While Dada Life flies in style with their hot air balloon, they still manage to stay grounded.

"It's so emotional knowing that more than ten thousand people are here for us," Corneer happily admits. "We just want to go out and hug them! The feeling we get on stage is full of love and gratitude."

In their second set of the night, they played their new single, “One Smile”. This track is similar to a ping-pong match- going back and forth between gleeful vocals and enthusiastic beats.

While Southern California was the first to witness the beginning of a series of Dada Land: The Voyage events, if you find out they are coming to a town near you: prepare to fist pump until your arm falls are now entering Dada Land.

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