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Venture Capital

Venture Capital

According to a page on Amazon one of the leading entrepreneurs in America has published a book title "Venture Capital, with the sub title raising business capital for the 21st century. Why read this book? Michael Webster is one of the few people in the world that has the global experience to clearly explain all aspects of finance. His depth of finance knowledge as it applies to the systems within the United States and all countries around the world is absolutely astounding. His business ownership experience in numerous global markets, his many years representing the US government abroad, his expertise representing both labor and management, and his venture capitalist profession gives Michael Webster the unique ability to assist anyone with small, medium or large scale finance needs. The uniqueness this book provides the reader has two perspectives; how the global economy works and how you can profit from it!

Why select this book? It takes specialized finance today to obtain the maximum benefit for your
company and personal goals. This book allows those with a desire to learn from the author's 35+ years of finance experience, expertise, and accomplishments, the ability to plan their own substantial success by working closely with the WIB Financial Group.

Why reference this book? The magnitude of knowledge and the way the information is logically laid out makes it very easy for the reader to explore and master: venture capital, equity funding, limited liability companies, off-shore corporations, off-shore banking, trusts, asset protection, international bank ownership, small business loan assistance, proposal profiles, feasibility studies, business plans, tax reduction, public shells, blind pools, leases, advertising, global economy, international law, negotiations, and much more.

Why train with this book? It is an information manual, training manual, textbook, and a finance-planning book for today's quickly changing global marketplace. Mr. Webster has many training courses for which this book is used as the model for beginners as well as advanced finance professionals. The goal of this book is for you or your company to benefit by taking advantage of each carefully thought out section so that you can adapt to the business climate, no matter what challenges are before you.

Why recommend this book? It is brilliantly conceived and written so that your recommended client or friend's wealth can increase substantially too. Mastering the principles with a friend or partner enhances the learning process; ****working with WIB Financial accelerates the finance learning process at (mach) speed.

Enjoy the journey to financial wealth.



Michael N. Guttentag
Business Owner & Successful Entrepreneur
(Trained by WIB Financial)