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Venice Beach skate park in the crossfire between L.A. city officials and skateboarders coalition

Ger-I Lewis (left) and the late Dennis "Polar Bear" Agnew in the 2003. (Photo by Dan Levy)
Ger-I Lewis (left) and the late Dennis "Polar Bear" Agnew in 2003. (Photo: Dan Levy/Juice Mag)

Ger-I Lewis is angry!

He came across a press release that says:

“…on September 6, […] the Supergirl Jam will hit Venice Beach in conjunction with the opening of Venice's amazing new beachside skatepark. The skateboarders will be the first to compete in Venice's brand new skatepark, christening the unique course with their skill and finesse.”

Ger-I ('jerry') is the head of the Venice Surf and Skate Association (VSA), a community organization that includes Jesse Martinez, Lance LeMond, Steve Mayorga among its founding members.

As reported by this column here (back in April) and again here (in June), the VSA, which was formed in 2000, has been in the frontline of the battle for the construction of a world class skate park in Venice Beach from the very beginning.

Now, the skate park is about to open – but the fight is far from over. 

The aforementioned press release, dated 07/24, is a good example (the entire announcement can be found here). Along with some of its text, Ger-I posted a fierce declaration on VSA’s blog and added:

“Let it be known that the members of the VSA will not tolerate this event or any others that have not been approved by VSA. The VSA is the sole community organization DIRECTLY responsible for the creation of the skatepark. We will not allow L.A City  [Department of] Recreation and Parks to upsurp the VSA's efforts and/or steal the VSA's RIGHT to celebrate, organize and produce the Grand Opening of the Dennis Agnew Memorial Skatepark.”

In the VSA blog archives there are several accounts of the struggle they have been facing against the L.A. DRP. I followed up with Ger-I and he replied:

“… this [event] is not going to happen. […] The VSA is opposed to this sell out. We are opposed and angry at being ignored by Dept. of Recreation and Parks who did absolutely nothing to get the park built...”

Expect to see follow ups on this story as an interview with Ger-I is in the works.



  • Anon 5 years ago

    Gee what a great idea the LA D&R and Supergirl folks have.

    Lets make snow...
    at the beach...
    during a drought...
    during the hottest part of the year...
    when every civic agency is screaming about lack of funding...

    Let me guess, I as a tax payer, get to foot the bill for this nonsense too.

    Ger-I is p-o'ed, and I'm right there with him.