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Venezuelan president orders arrest of 3 generals

Venezuela's self-avowed socialist leader, President Nicolas Maduro, informed the news media on Tuesday that he had his internal security people arrest three of his Air Force generals whom he claims are part of a right-wing coup to overthrow his regime.

President Maduro appears to be even more dictatorial than his idol Hugo Chavez.
La Prensa

According to reports, the three generals were arrested after subordinate officers reported the plot to Maduro's security forces.

Maduro also announced the arrests during his meeting with members of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) who came to Venezuela to help end the violent anti-government protests that had been festering since the beginning of February 2014.

The suspected generals were placed in the custody of the military justice system and President Maduro stated he would not yet identify the detainees.

Last week, according to an Examiner report, Venezuela's Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz accused the U.S. government of financing anti-government demonstrations that have turned violent.

"[The right-wing protesters] asked for money, and undoubtedly it's to finance these violent actions that have been taking place in my [country]," Attorney General Diaz said, according to the Law Enforcement Examiner story.

The Examiner news story also revealed that members of the U.S. Senate discussed putting together an aid package for Venezuela's proponents of democracy. Several proposals are being considered including $15 million for organizations seeking to protect civil liberties and to create media outlets as an alternative to that nation's government-controlled news outlets.

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