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Venezuelan Ministry of Truth

San Cristobal, Venezuela
San Cristobal, Venezuela
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Venezuela institutes 'system of secure supply'. Would George Orwell be proud of the Venezuelan Ministry of Truth and their form of Newspeak?

Venezuela’s Ministry of Truth moment was announced to the world last week. The reigning Regime Master, Mr. Maduro announced the launch of a “system of secure supply” along with ID cards, to make sure no one buys too much of the essential basic foods which are subsidized by the government.

Ministry of Truth is an Orwellian concept apparently now used in Venezuela, i.e. “Peace is War”, “Ignorance is Strength”, “Freedom is Slavery”, and all in the name of suppressing the truth by promoting the lies. Even the average citizen in Venezuela is skeptical of what seems like a first step toward the ultimate goal of rationing food, toilet paper (yikes!) sugar etc. etc. etc… A case in point would be a 65-year-old construction worker, Jose Diaz, who is quoted at The Guardian.

Mr. Diaz states "The government needs to control the hoarders. They have made this worse. But if there weren't shortages there wouldn't be hoarders. We are trapped," The Venezuelan Regime Master believes in his Bolivarian Revolution so strongly that no one and nothing, including reality, can be allowed to get in his way to fundamentally transform Venezuela into a caricature of Cuba.

Cuba, where doctors were just given a "raise" to $67 per month (Star Tribune). Which by the way, would be considerably less than most doctors in the civilized world spend on coffee each month. But I digress, Maduro has identified the problem of shortages as being those citizens who hoard the basic necessities of existence. The obvious answer to that problem is to eliminate the problem of people who are shopping for food items more than once each week.

Never mind that they may have a refrigerator that is only sixteen square feet in size and they may have three of four children. That little detail is irrelevant, isn't it? How has Venezuela gotten by so far without enacting an actual Ministry of Truth?

Venezuela is one of this hemispheres oil rich nations, with known oil reserves larger than any other nation on the planet, Yet, despite the oil reserves, and the oil wealth flowing into the government coffers, the people are in rebellion across the nation. Just last week, Maduro's national Guard thugs moved in on the center of the unrest in San Cristobal with bulldozers to knock down the barricades which had been erected by students and citizens who want their nation back.

Two illuminating figures have emerged in Venezuela since February, One is Leopold Lopez, now sitting in prison after surrendering to authorities for what many claim are illegitimate charges of inciting violence and arson.

The charges of murdering some of the anti-government protestors was dropped, when video evidence was aired showing the shots were fired from government forces. The other figure is former General, Antonio Rivero. Rivero went into hiding when to avoid arrest for the part he played earlier this year in regard to the protests against the 'Cubanization' of Venezuela.

General Rivero suggests in The Telegraph, that the Cuban advisers who surround the Current Regime in Caracas are responsible for the repression of dissent in Venezuela, along with establishing the para-militray groups known as 'colectivos' who are fomenting violence among the citizenry.

Perhaps in an ironic twist of fate, the jailed poltician and activist, Leopold Lopez is a direct blood descendant of Simon Bolivar, the figure which the now deceased former dictator Hugo Chavez a long with his Fidel Castro anointed successor Maduro praise so heartily.

Long live the Ministry of Truth, George Orwell would be so very proud of Maduro. However, those problems are far away and of no real concern to those living in North America with its own Current Regime Master, since none of these issues could ever reach us here, nor would our own Dear Leader ever consent to such treatment of his subjects...oops, I meant citizens.

Der Leader Barack would never consent to warrant-less searches, seizures of information, warrant-less seizure of electronic devices for government perusal without probable cause. Would he? None of what's happening in Venezuela could happen here in America, I'm sure. Or perhaps I'm only mostly sure. Or not so sure at all.

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