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Venezuelan death toll continues to rise

Students demand better Venezuelan government
Students demand better Venezuelan government
AFP Photo / By Juan Barreto

The Venezuelan death toll continues to rise in spite of the fact that; President, Nicolas Maduro said, the United States needs to stop believing, "we're killing each other." To make matters worse, Maduro also thinks the U.S. diplomats schemed to bring about the current opposition.

Since the protests began, it has been reported that more than 133 people have been injured and recently 13 protesters have been killed due to gun shot wounds. Is Maduro blind? And does he not consider 13 human lives taken by military gun shots, under his control, not enough to consider they are "killing each other"?

Reported today Feb. 25., Nicolas Maduro went as far as accusing the U.S. to have mobilized the Valenzuela university students protests against his government. However, reports indicate Washington has denied such accusations. But Maduro is not alone in his conspiracy theories.

According to 'Huffington Post' Contributor, Dan Kovalik, he also seems to think the U.S. has aided in Venezuelan protests. Kovalik said, even though the current elected administration was done legally, the U.S. has "openly [encouraged] violent regime change in Venezuela."

But news reports indicate otherwise. The protests seem to have grown from a college movement requesting access for protection on campus, after a student was assaulted. But the students were not the only ones feeling a loss of security in their community. Apparently the students rally inspired Venezuelan citizens to also demand safety and real freedom among their cities and communities.

Its only been 10 months since Maduro took office, surely something he's doing is amis, like continuing Venezuelan death tolls?

Leopoldo Lopez is reported to be one of many opposition leaders requesting other Venezuelans to continue marching in hopes to throw their current president, Maduro, from power. Lopez has since been arrested and is waiting for a court date from behind bars. As the Venezuelan death toll continues to rise, more than 528 people have been arrested for unrest, and more than 44 have been kept in jail.

The protests seem to be strong and determined for freedom.

Resident and Architect, Yesenia Alvardo said, "We're fighting for our liberty."

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