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Venezuela beauty queen: Genesis Carmona shot dead in protest

Venezuela beauty queen was killed amid violent protests. Genesis Carmona, 22, was shot dead in Valencia. According to The Christian Science Monitor on Feb. 20, the university student and Miss Tourism 2013 was struck by a bullet in the head and died.

On Tuesday in Valencia, the third largest city, National Guard troops shot rubber bullets and unknown gunman on motorcycles fired live rounds at protesters.

Venezuela beauty queen was another casualty among the weeklong protests, which have left 6 dead and 100 injured so far. The demonstrators are protesting the jailing of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. President Nicolas Maduro said on national television that Lopez would remain in jail and be brought up on criminal charges related to the protests.

Carmona, the young Venezuela beauty queen, was the second to be killed this year. It is rumored that supporters of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez killed her. In January, when unrest in the country began, robbers who forced her and her husband’s car of the road murdered another beauty queen, Monica Spear.

This is a country that holds their beauty queens in the same regard as athletes and movie stars. Groups of women have planned to run a protest in response to Miss Turismo's killing on February 22 in the country.

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