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Venezuela beauty queen Genesis Carmona dies in riots

Genesis Carmona
Genesis Carmona

A Venezuela beauty queen, 22-year-old Genesis Carmona, has been shot and killed on Wednesday during political unrest in Valencia, Venezuela. The Venezuela beauty queen’s death is the fifth fatality following protests inspired by Leopoldo Lopez, 42, who is a protest leader who is in prison. According to a Yahoo! News report on Thursday, Lopez is urging his supporters to fight for persons to break from the socialist government in the country.

On Tuesday, Lopez turned himself in to national troops following three weeks of rioting against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Carmona’s death followed the deadly shooting of three persons in Caracas at a rally last week. Another person died during a demonstration in Carupano. In that deadly act, a person was run over by a car. It has been reported that many persons have been injured – as well as arrested – during the ongoing rioting, demonstrating, and protesting in the country.

In a public statement that was televised late Wednesday, President Maduro asserted, “We cannot underestimate those fascist groups whose boss is behind bars. I’m not playing with democracy. I do not accept that they challenge the Venezuelan people and our Constitution.”

In a pre-recorded statement – to be used if Lopez was jailed – Lopez said, “Today more than ever, our cause has to be the exit of this government. Let’s fight. I will be doing so.”

President Barack Obama has criticized President Maduro’s government for arresting protesters. He also said that the country’s government should focus on legitimate grievances of the Venezuelan people.

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