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Vending machine will make your Oreo cookie while you wait

Oreo Vending Machine
Oreo Vending Machine

According to the New York Daily News on March 11, individuals can use a vending machine to custom design their own Oreo cookie while they wait.

It takes only about two minutes for the Oreo Trending Vending Lounge at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas to deliver a personalized Oreo cookie.

Users can select from among twelve flavors and different colors for the high-tech vending machine that can produce customized Oreo cookies using a technique similar to 3D printing.

Customers can see which flavors are trending on Twitter and choose their cookie based on the trend. They can then join in the conversation on Twitter.

Users will be able to browse a selection of trending flavors displayed on a large touch screen panel on the front of the machine. After choosing from a variety of flavors and colors of cream, they can watch as their unique Oreo cookies are built.

Some people are wondering why buy a cookie out of a vending machine when Oreo cookies can be purchased from bakeries and grocery stores.

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