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Eric Bodnar and Jennifer Lee are the founders of Velvetwire, which is a company with the vision of making telephones (and other electronic devices) more efficient than normal to charge. This is done by reducing charge time, disallowing over-charge and picking up the tempo. Also, all of this is done right here in the U.S.A.

Velvetwire is a device, which looks a little different than what we are accustomed to. The device itself is an odd-shaped, hard-shelled device which plugs into an electrical outlet. The USB cable is a turquoise rope. It's soft and just for its appearance along, will not be mistaken for one of the million plastic, black USB cable that seem to be lingering in all of our drawers. We seem to have about 47 of them which go to old DSLR's, 15 for old mobile telephone's and 88 of them which go to various and maybe strange device's.

The Velvetwire is tough and we know because we have dropped it at least 36 times, just getting into the boxes. It has bumped various office equipment and shelving units a few times by now and still works. It's also smart.

The device came with a gray, felt pouch for housing, when not in use. The whole thing is packaged well too. The whole thing just, makes sense.

The charger, USB Cable & travel case are $85.00 and may be purchased here. So go ahead. Choose your color.

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