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Velveeta shortage

Bacon cheeseburger with Velveeta cheese
Bacon cheeseburger with Velveeta cheese

You can say “cheese” all you want for those selfies, but you may not want to smile anyway when you can’t find any Velveeta cheese for your cheeseburgers, cheese dips and any other foods you like to make “cheesilicious.” According to a CBS News report, Kraft’s Velveeta cheese has experienced a shortage.

Kraft Recall: Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac

According to Kraft, some customers may find it impossible to find Velveeta cheese in the next few weeks. Kraft released a statement which said that any issues with availability are much more noticeable given the seasonal demand for cheese right now. However, the statement continues, Kraft has not heard from many consumers that they are having issues in locating the product. The firm expects the shortage to be a short term situation. Kraft says there are several reasons why the shortage is occurring, including the demands on their drivers.

Other sources have previously reported shortages of Velveeta, however, along the eastern border of the nation. For example, one Brooklyn-area grocery store has told customers that it will not have any more in stock until February.

Naysayers are claiming the news is a hoax-of-sorts to boost sales. Others believe the reports of the shortage, however, and are stocking up so they won’t have to go without their cheese dips this winter.