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Velveeta shortage looms as polar vortex rages: Twitter coins 'cheesepocalypse'

Velveta shortage looms just ahead of Super Bowl.

A Velveeta shortage is looming at the time of year where people look to Velveeta for comfort food. What might even be worse is that the velvet cheese staple for those big game nachos might be a hard find. Super Bowl without Velveeta is like a day without sunshine, or a nacho without cheese.

According to Yahoo Finance on Jan. 7, the Kraft Company is having a problem keeping up with supply in demand for the cheese that melts like velvet. When the weather gets cold Velveeta gets melted on sandwiches, casseroles, nachos and even in soups. This is a food that “sticks to your ribs” just like the old New England saying suggests.

The weather is cold, with the Weather Channel saying some of the nation is experiencing the coldest temperatures in 20 years due to a polar vortex that's settled over the country. It looks as if the polar vortex is causing another problem today, a Velveeta shortage!

Already dubbed “Cheesepocalypse” on Twitter, the news of a Velveeta shortage is buzzing online. Kraft spokesperson Jody Moore reported in a recent interview:

"Given the incredible popularity of Velveeta this time of year, it is possible consumers may not be able to find their favorite product on store shelves over the next couple of weeks.”

She also assured all the Velveeta lovers out there that this shortage will only be temporary, just a “short-term issue,” said Moore.

With the Super Bowl around the corner it may be time for those of you who count on Velveeta for their snack buffet to broaden your horizons around the various offerings of cheese out there, just in case!

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