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Velodyne’s vPulse In-Ear Headphones

The sleek look of the vPulse In-Ear Headphones
The sleek look of the vPulse In-Ear Headphones
Kurt von Behrmann

Are these the high performance in-ear headphones you need?

The Velodyne Web Site

Not all ear buds are created equal. If you think that there is little to no difference between various in-ear headphones, you may want to seriously rethink that proposition.

Velodyne’s In-Ear Heaphones is geared toward being an alternative to the ones included with most gear. Due to the fact that many manufacturers no longer include them, users are faced with the task of selecting ear buds from an array of makers.

When makers of small portable music devise, i.g., mp3 players, ebooks and mobile phones, do include ear buds, you can certainly believe that they are far from “best of breed.” That fact becomes immediately obvious when you listen to them.

Comparing the vPluse to the standard ear buds included with many packages, the differences are stark. Even if your headphones are adequate, the standard issue ones simply cannot muster the kind of rich sound your device is capable of producing.

A high end device should be able to produce high quality sound. That is true, but it is ultimately up to the speakers to make the point. This is particular true with portable devices. But, can a higher quality earbud bring great sound to an average apparatus?

Testing the vPulse with an older entry level smartphone and an even older mp3 player proved some surprising results. When both devices were compared to the vPulse versus the earbuds include with a high end smart phone, the vPulse was hands down the superior performer. It simply produced excellent detailed sound.

Velodyne, a maker of extremely high end subwoofers, is no doubt familiar with lower range sounds. As to be expected, the vPulse handles bass extremely well. Neither too obnoxious, nor too thin, the sound in this range was rich, but decidedly not muffled or muddy.

Bass is clearly a huge consideration in selecting headphones of any kind. When encountering music where powerful lower tones are emphasized, full appreciation of sound means hearing it the range of sounds properly. On the other hand, a bass that is so strong it strangles the mid and higher tones results in a sound that is uneven. All you left with is a thunder sound and little else.

The vPulse handles the bass in a highly tactful way. It does not pound sound, it delivers it with nuance. The higher and middle range is not sacrificed for the bass. There is an articulation of sound that permits a more vibrant experience. The sound here full featured.

Earbuds worth having should be able to accommodate a spectrum of musical styles. The vPulse doesn’t disappoint here. Handling genres like jazz, the blues, rock and roll, pop, country, classical, alternative and hybrid music that doesn’t fit any category, Velodyne’s earbuds were more than just capable of negotiating whatever music it was handed.

Vocals were clear, midranges present and detailed base in evidence, one can hear music minus distortion.
Accessories are always appreciated. Exceedingly low price point in-ear headphones are often anemic in this department. Shipping with the vPulse are 16 extra earbuds. Comfort and superior sound rely on a good fit to function at their best. If headphones don’t feel good, the chance are good they will not be used.

Solid construction translates into a longer life span. The aluminum construction is certainly a positive. It is a good indicator of durability. In sharp contrast to totally plastic earbuds, attention to materials makes a difference. It is also nice to note that the aesthetics have not been ignored. Decidedly understated, only a simple v configuration is visible on the exterior of the earbuds. There are no garish logos to be found here.

Like other higher end earbuds, the chords that connect are linguini shaped. This configuration eliminates the annoying problem of twisted wires.

Included with this particular package are a cable clip and shoestring carrying pouch.

Designed with Apple products in mind, the In-Line controls are compatible with iPod 3rd generation and newer, iPhone 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, and iPads only. However, the mic and earbuds work well with android phones without issue. The sound quality during calls was acceptable. There were no problems from those receiving calls regarding sound quality.


Headphones can make a difference in the quality of sound of whatever computing device you use. That is a given. But selecting the right one can be true challenge. There are any number of makers with any number of features, styles and colors to select. At the end of the day, it comes down to quality sound, comfort and then looks. On all of these fronts, the vPulse is a superior performer well worth the price of admission.

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