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‘Veil’ is a visually captivating new series from Greg Rucka and Toni Fejzula

Greg Rucka brings his latest comic book story to Dark Horse Comics in the new series “Veil.” To tell the story Rucka is paired with artist Toni Fejzula to create a book that is described as horror but is full of other genre fiction elements from mystery to crime and noir.

A visually stunning narrative.
Toni Fejzula
The launch of the new series is highlighted by a visually captivating masterpiece.
Toni Fejzula

“Veil” #1 opens with the lead character Veil waking up in an empty subway station surrounded by rats. Completely naked she stumbles to find an exit. When she ascends to the streets above she is gawked at by passersby. She is treated as a sideshow attraction not a person. One stranger comes to help her, but all she can do is repeat and rhyme words. She has no concept of who she is outside of her name but she knows how to wield some wickedly scary powers.

The story is told through the pictures making excellent use of the comic book medium. Fejzula’s artwork sets the tone of the first issue and details each scene because the words cannot. Veil is a blank slate her speech patterns are a little above gibberish so it is important for the artwork to be as descriptive as possible in fulfilling the narrative.

With cool colors and a realistic style the artwork pulls you into the story and narrates the story of Veil. Even as she encounters people who would do her harm in her confused state, the artwork says so much about the setting and atmosphere surrounding her.

Through Dante, a friend to Veil, Rucka gives more of the hook to the story. He is one level of kindness to Veil who has a violent way of dealing with aggressive behavior directed at her. It is quick moments told through the art that Rucka is able to reveal bits and pieces about what Veil is even though he doesn’t tell who she is.

“Veil” is not easily fitting into the horror genre; it is rich in suspense and full of mystery. The artwork is so important to the narrative and the style of Fejzula is perfect for this story. Rucka is doing what he does best building an interesting world filled with compelling characters that you want to find out how the events will affect them.

Find “Veil” #1 at your local comic book retailer. Click here to use the Comic Shop Locator to find your nearest store.

“Veil” is also available through Dark Horse Digital to read instantly on the date it goes on sale.

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