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Vehicle stolen with man's dog inside

Missing dog, Tazzie
Missing dog, Tazzie
Family photo via 11 Alive News

Update 7/23/14: WBIR News has reported that Tazzie has been found and she is in good condition.

According to Tuesday's 11 Alive News, a man who was travelling from Charleston, S.C. to Colorado ran into trouble late last week when he got a flat tire along the way and his dog disappeared after teens stole his vehicle.

The problems began last Thursday when Michael Buckley's Ford Explorer got a flat tire in Atlanta, Ga. After stopping to make the repair and deciding to secure a hotel for the night, Buckley stopped at a fast food restaurant and asked three teens for directions to the hotel.

After speaking to the teens, Buckley walked to the back of his Explorer to check on his English bulldog, named "Tazzie." Two of the teens jumped into the front of the SUV and drove away.

Buckley described the frantic moment:

I couldn't believe it was happening,"

"I chased after it, I tripped and fell. I must have looked like a fool but all I could think about was my dog."

On Friday, the Atlanta Police found the stolen vehicle in a wooded area behind Washington Park, but Tazzie was nowhere to be found.

Days have passed and Buckley's best friend has still not be found - in an effort to find his missing companion, Buckley has decided to stay in the Atlanta area to continue searching for his missing dog.

Buckley told 11 Alive News:

"You know I don't really want to leave Atlanta until I've exhausted every option finding this dog so I'm here a couple more days at least, hoping she turns up,

Anyone who has spotted Tazzie is asked to call Buckley's mother, who resides in Washington, DC at 202-494-8480. The Fulton County Animal Control is also aware of this situation; information about Tazzie can be called in to 404-613-0358.

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