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Vehicle GPS data helps police link Bulger trial witness murder victim to killer

GPS Unit may link killer to victim
GPS Unit may link killer to victim
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Court documents released to the public by police Friday August 2nd revealed that the GPS navigation system inside the vehicle that dumped Stephen Rakes’ body may lead to the conviction of the killer. Rakes was a potential witness in the Whitey Bulger murder trial now ongoing.

The Boston Herald and also the Boston Globe both are reporting that the court documents presented by the prosecution say that Rakes was poisoned by potassium cyanide. According to the documents the cyanide was inside an iced coffee that the alleged killer, William J. Camutti of Sudbury tainted before Rakes drank it.

The narrative police are presenting says that the killer and Rakes drove around inside the killer’s car for a couple of hours. The body was dumped in Lincoln, MA in an area that is considered remote. The GPS data taken from the unit placed the killer at the scene of the body according to police. Police using GPS data to find suspects is not uncommon. The Boston Marathon bombers were reportedly tracked using the GPS data from a car they commandeered and police recently used GPS data in a Framingham Mass. carjacking case.

Media reports say that the motive for the murder may have been a financial link between the victim and the killer. However, a quick peek at any blog posting related to the topic reveals that the general public is skeptical this murder is not related in some way to the Bulger trial, or other Bulger related dealings.