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Vehicle enhancements

By the time you own an SUV, you start driving it and getting used to how it feels, paying attention to its performance and learning something new as you obtain more knowledge and become more acquainted with the vehicle.

There are so many accessories that you can buy for a vehicle these days to help enhance it. I will be including several possible scenarios in this article.

Perhaps you are into hunting and you want to buy a ramp to help roll your quad onto a trailer you may be towing, or you want to buy headlights and taillights that have a camo color pattern to blend in with the surroundings. For the unusual times you may be in a moist soil where you are hunting, a winch to mount on the front of your vehicle may be handy, or even installing another pair of headlights on your vehicle for visibility (e.g. PIAA).

What if you wanted to take a trip on the Rubicon trail near Lake Tahoe? Since ground clearance is essential, you could install a lift kit and put some protective covers over your headlights and taillights to protect them from any tree branches or rocks that you might strike by accident. Speaking of protection, there are skidplates available to install underneath your vehicle to protect important parts of it.

Working in an industry such as construction puts a lot of demand on your vehicle, whether it be construction, police or emergency services, computers or consulting. It would be handy to own an SUV that has folding rear seats to have extra space, a folding passenger bucket seat would be a bonus. If the need for speed is essential to help you get from one person to the next in the shortest amount of time, a possible modification to your vehicle is a turbocharger.

Another important issue is weight. Tools weigh a lot, especially if you keep several different boxes of them. This weight is in addition to all the work crew that will be sitting in your front and rear seats of the vehicle and their personal possessions. If you have cargo that you need for every job, consider an investment in overload or helper springs. Helper springs are especially handy if you need to take several sacks of concrete mix, lots of sheetrock, lumber or other important items that you can't do without.

One other consideration is if you drive your vehicle on a gravel surface or up mountain slopes to take readings of elevations, obtain soil samples or observe the topography of a certain area of land. On top of keeping your vehicle up to date with regular tune ups and oil changes, good tires and suspension are essential to make your vehicle more adaptable. If you drive a long way from the nearest gas station for work, carry at least a five or ten gallon gas tank for emergencies in case you run out of fuel.

Let's say that you have a job in the Bay area or somewhere other than Reno, and you end up driving long distances for work. Other than the cupholders and consoles that you already have, you could consider a mount to install for your laptop or cell phone so that it is more easily accessible. If you carry a lot of dress shirts, suits or other apparel that needs to be dry cleaned, having a good place to store them for preservation could be handy. If you want your vehicle to have good gas mileage, some modifications like a hydrogen converter, filling up your gas tank with higher quality fuel once in a while or not driving above a certain highway speed can help.

Maybe you have a cross country trip coming up for a conference or continuing education for a professional certification or knowledge that will help with a special project within your company, and you need access to your sunglasses, chapstick, a water bottle or other important things along the way. Make a plan as to where to store these items in case you need them right away.

Let's change gears to a popular event. An example would be Burning Man, and you want to dress up your vehicle. You could paint the bumpers a certain color, put some stickers on some car doors, put a roof rack on to be able to take more cargo or obtain a BBQ to put on your hitch receiver to have tailgate parties.

How about the Reno River Festival? A roof rack would be good to put your kayaks on, and some hangers on the inside of your vehicle to store life vests. Good floormats and seat covers to help keep your vehicle from getting mold due to excess moisture would be handy.

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