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Photo by Rori Harrington

Growing food can be a rewarding experience and a money-saving one too. Sometimes crops don't turn out exactly as planned. The squash never grew, but there are buckets of tomatoes every day. Now what?

The online community is a simple solution for those looking to trade, sell or find local produce.

Visitors must register with the web site to browse or post listings. There are eight tips on for creating ideal posts.

Posting is free and searches are based on zip codes. The site is only for homegrown produce (no meat, eggs, etc.). was started by an East Coast foodie and a West Coast couple who, according to the site, wanted to "put more backyards to work for the benefit of neighbors, community and country."


  • VeganGirl 5 years ago

    I just used veggietrader to get some delicious berries in exchange for my pears. Happy days

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