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VeggieBump is Veggies On Demand!

Veggie Bump
Veggie Bump
Veggie Bump

They started mixing the powdered veggies. After much trial and error, they found a combination that tasted good and had our desired nutritional content. Best of all, it required no additional prep work – it can be sprinkled onto prepared dishes or mixed into food while cooking. What is VeggieBump?

VeggieBump is a blend of vegetables containing greens (like kale and spinach), roots (such as sweet potatoes and carrots), and flavoring veggies (like tomato, garlic, and onion).

The result is a well-balanced mixture with a pleasant veggie taste without one vegetable overpowering the flavor – all while packing a nutritional punch. We’re not trying to replace fresh veggies, but VeggieBump helps “bump” up your daily vegetable intake.

They are committed to using only organic, non-GMO produce that is grown in the US. Absolutely no preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients are used in VeggieBump, and packaging will be reusable/recyclable, eco-friendly containers.

Everyone could use more veggies in their diet, this makes it easier.

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