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Veggie of the month: Sweet potatoes

Ah, the sweet, starchy veggie that is great in pies and is an excellent companion to any meal. What am I talking about? Well the sweet potato of course! In the state of North Carolina, February is Sweet Potato Month. Sweet potatoes are believed to originate from Central America. The very first sweet potato is said to date back as far as 750 B.C. in Peruvian records. This orange color sweetie is grown for its edible root and was once considered an expensive delicacy. Many people believe that sweet potatoes and yams are the same but in fact they are two totally different plants. The yam is from the dioscoreacea plant family and the sweet potato is from the ipomoea batatas (morning glory) plant family. Yams originate from West Africa and Asia and are rough and scaly, with dry light orange color and are imported from the Caribbean whereas the sweet potato is smooth with skin, with moist deep orange coloring and is grown in the United States. So celebrate this month by whipping up one of these recipes. Bon Appétit!

traditional sweet potato

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Creamy carrot and sweet potato soup

Sweet potato chips

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