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Vegetarianism: Advantages of becoming a vegetarian

Urban gardening
Urban gardening
Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Have you ever thought of becoming a vegetarian?

Urban gardening
Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images

A vegetarian is a person who consumes fruits, vegetables and protein. The protein consumed comes from non-meat food items. Most vegetarians are healthy individuals who remain within their Body Mass Index (BMI) range.

According to Marisa Moore, Registered Dietitian "the evidence regarding vegetarianism is really overwhelming and it shows that plant based diets are probably one of the best things we can do for our bodies" watch the entire CNN News video "Going Vegetarian Is A Healthy Choice"

Advantages of becoming a vegetarian: lower cholesterol and LDL values, decrease constipation due to increased fiber consumption, feel healthier, remain within BMI range and reduce risk of developing heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Consult with dietitian or doctor before starting a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian must consume daily protein requirements from non-meat food items. Enjoy life as a vegetarian.

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