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Vegetarian Community of Iowa holds holiday potluck


Polar Bear eating a pumpkin
AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

Fear potlucks no more! Last night the Vegetarian Community of Iowa (VCI) held a holiday-themed potluck at the Windsor Heights Lutheran Church. Recipes were provided and holiday tips were shared to help attendees get through another holiday season animal-free.

It was a pleasure to discover that all fare was not just vegetarian but vegan. Guests were able to enjoy each other’s tasty dishes such as chickpea-quinoa pilaf, seitan “chicken” and stuffing, cheeseless pizza, and spinach salad. There was also an assortment of desserts including a yummy tofu pumpkin pie to satisfy your Thanksgiving cravings.

If you are interested in meeting other local vegetarians and vegans and supporting a worthy cause, join VCI. For more information on VCI and how to become a member, please visit their website.

Below is a delicious yet simple dessert shared at the VCI potluck by Kathie Dawley.

Tofu Chocolate Pie


1-cup flour

¾ cup unsalted organic peanut butter

2 tablespoons agave

1 to 2 tablespoons water, if needed

Mix flour and peanut butter in a bowl using a fork. Add agave and mix as well as you can with a fork. Add water if it doesn’t hold together well. Roll dough between two sheets of waxed paper. Sprinkling a few drops of water on the counter will keep paper from sliding. Peel off top paper and pick up crust by corners of the bottom paper and transfer (dough side down) to pie pan. Carefully peel off paper. Flute edges and pierce bottom and sides of crust with a fork. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes or until nicely browned.

Pie filling:

10 ounces vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips

2 packages Mori-Nu Silken Tofu

3 Tablespoons agave

Heat chips in microwave just until melted. Add agave and stir until smooth. In a blender blend tofu until smooth. Add the chocolate/agave mixture to tofu and blend until creamy. Pour filling into piecrust and chill until firm. Slice and serve.


  • Jessica Osterberg 5 years ago

    It was so good to meet you at the potluck last Saturday P.M. and what a great site to have available. Thank-you very much! I will refer to this often!

    Have a most Blessed Thanksgiving!

    Elaine Hites