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Vegetarian Celebrities- Walking the Walk

martin cathrae

Sometimes, all one needs in order to make that leap to a healthful vegetarian lifestyle is the knowledge that there are others out there just like you. Now, there are myriad of sites and message boards dedicated to vegetarian/vegan lifestyles but what better way in this day and age to show you all the cool people are doing it by listing just a sample of the cool Veg celebs out there? Here is a list of the coolest, vegetarian/vegan celebs who not only don’t eat meat, but walk the walk by strongly advocating cruelty-free living:

Punk/Rock/R&B Icons:

Mike Ness of Social Distortion

Travis Barker Blink 182


Beastie Boys

Rise Against

Sage Francis


The Roots

Alanis Morrissette

Andre 3000

Alkaline Trio


Russell Simmons

Clive Barker

Deepak Chopra

Steve Jobs

Arianna Huffington


Ellen Degeneres

Natalie Portman

Alicia Silverstone

Casey Affleck

Joaquin Phoenix


Bill Walton

Mac Danzig

Carl Lewis

Rajah Bell


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