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Vegetarian 101: Do they have vegetarian food at the Georgia Aquarium?

entrance of the Georgia Aquarium
Outside the Georgia Aquarium (photo by Peggy Fenton)

I recently made an informal survey of the Georgia Aquarium food court and noted the available vegetarian items and prices. While vegetarians will not go completely hungry, there is not a lot to choose from. 

But don't let that keep you from going! If the vegetarian choices are sparce, the exhibits are spectacular. Just be prepared to eat pizza or salad if you plan to have lunch during your visit. 

The results of my survey follow. 

Vegetarian Selections At the Georgia Aquarium Food Court
french fries - $3.25
cheese pizza - $5.50
chef's pizza with roasted vegetables - $7.50
side salad - $4.00
fruit cup - $4.25
Yoplait yogurt - $2.00
kid's grilled cheese sandwich - $3.25
made to order salad - $7.60
banana - $1.00
chips - $2.50
various deserts - prices vary

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  • Lisa 5 years ago

    I had the pizza and it was pretty good.

  • Mini 4 years ago

    Most yogurts contain gelatin, so yoplait yogurt would not be suitable for vegetarians.