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Vegetables transformed into noodles with Microplane Spiral Cutter

Microplane Spiral Cutter
Microplane Spiral Cutter

Whether shopping at a local farmers market or the aisle of the grocery store, vegetables can be used in more dishes than salads and side dishes. While meatless Monday dinners become more popular, vegetables are transformed into hearty, more satisfying dishes. For the home cook, the Mircoplane Spiral Cutter can release the cooking creativity.

With the Microplane Spiral Cutter, chefs can create elegant spiral cuts and vegetable ribbons. Looking like an old school manual pencil sharpener, the two razor sharp slicing barrels feature surgical grade stainless blades for optimum cutting results. To use the tool, simply insert the vegetable and twist. The spiral cutter has a large and small barrel for size variety. The Spiral Cutter's small-size barrel is ideal for long and slim vegetables, such as carrots, and small root vegetables, like radishes. The larger barrel is perfectly sized to accommodate summer squash, cucumbers, and other chunkier foods.

The Spiral Cutter is perfect for vegetable pastas, salads, stir-fry and other vegetable influenced dishes. With the abundance of summer vegetables, the kitchen tool can add variety and culinary inspiration to the home chef. The easy to use device can be easily master by even the most novice chef.

The Spiral Cutter by Mircoplane is compact and durable. It is top-rack dishwasher safe. The Spiral Cutter will be featured in two colors, black and green. The suggested retail price is $14.95 and will be be available at retailers in August.