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Vegetable Juicing Recipes

Have A V8? Not

Move over V8, there’s a new sherriff in town and its name is “home-made” vegetable juice. While many are standing in line at the local Starbucks or perhaps a getting a sugar rush from the super sized Jamba Juice, there are many who are content with having a V3, V4 or V5. Vegetable Juice converts have replaced the old school V8 juice that I grew up drinking with my dad; with something new and exciting. No more shelved, canned or bottled vegetable juices with the unnecessary salt and preservatives

Benefits to Juicing Vegetables

Preparing homemade juices offer many health benefits. According to the Harvard School of Public Health consuming green leafy vegetables will help to:

• Decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke
• Aid in lowering blood pressure
• Prevent certain cancers
• Improve digestive health
• Guard against cataracts and macular degeneration

Use organic produce when available and/or purchase from local markets that do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Here are three recommended recipes for your juicing pleasure:

After Party Cleansing Juice

• 1 handful of dandelion
• 2 kale leave of kale
• 1 handful of parsley
• 1 oz. wheatgrass (can be powder)
• 1 small red organic apple

V5 Juice

• 2 tomatoes
• 1 carrot
• 3 Kale leaves
• ½ Cilantro
• Pinch Celtic Sea Salt

Cucumber Breeze Cocktail

• 2 large cucumbers
• Pinch of fresh ginger
• ¼ Organic Pear




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