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Vegas Territory - Panevino


Located in the executive airport area of Las Vegas off Sunset at 246 Via Antonio Avenue, the Panevino, a median to large venue, is a sophisticated, Tuscan designed Bar/Lounge/Restaurant/Deli. Panivino is especially an excellent choice for a business lunch, dinner or cocktail. It is reasonably priced, easy to find, nice location, excellent city views, creative architecture, and has graceful and elegant decor.

The Deli has a large menu of traditional soups, salads, and sandwiches, reasonably priced for around $10, you can call, or fax your order in for expedited service. The Restaurant is very nice, elegant, yet cheerful, with jazz music softly playing, serving up beautiful Italian dishes, with typical entrees ranging about $30 to $50. The bar is non-smoking, reasonably priced, and they have seasonal signature cocktails, which are quite good, and a wonderful staff of bartenders.

The nice thing about the deli and the restaurant, is they also serve vegan dishes on the menu, which makes the Panevino an excellent location for groups mixed with meat lovers and vegetarians. There are also banquet rooms, which can accommodate up to 250 guests, with retractable walls so as to customize events, and private party rooms which are cozy accommodations for smaller groups.

To make reservations at Panevino, you can log into, and the phone number is 702-222-2400.