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Vegas Gone Yoga! Festival the yoga highlight for 2013

Vegas Gone Yoga! Festival 2013
Vegas Gone Yoga! Festival 2013
DK Howe

One of the highlights of the Las Vegas yoga scene for 2013 was the Vegas Gone Yoga! Festival organized by local yoga teacher Kris Blunt. The festival took place on Sept. 22 at the LEED certified Springs Preserve in three rooms illuminated by natural lighting and outside in the amphitheater.

The day began with Rachel Sellars, one of Annie Carpenter’s co-teachers and assistants, leading a Detox and Recharge, and Martin Hinton’s Yoga and Pilates Fusion. The amphitheater classes combined yoga and music with offerings from Angelica Govaert and DJ Ryno, Cheryl Slader and Tim Catching and an evening of kirtan. Also in the amphitheater, Mark Balfe-Taylor, a one-time Bikram teacher, led his Revitalize class, a new alternative to his former hot yoga teachings.

When asked his thoughts on the festival, Catching, one of Las Vegas’ favorite musicians to accompany yoga classes, explained, “A yoga festival in Las Vegas is a good thing. There are so many pockets of...small yoga communities around the town. For something to centralize and bring them all together...creates that feeling of a bigger community out of all the smaller pieces. I think that’s kind of what we’re all trying to achieve...just to connect with people with like interests, like hearts, like minds.”

All in all, the well-attended classes, the varied cast of talented yoga teachers and the well-stocked merchants area were proof that Las Vegas is more than just Sin City. For this occasion it was definitely Zen City.

Click here to see video from the festival