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Vegans prepare for International Bacon Day on August 30

Ever heard the expression “left out as a vegan on International Bacon Day?” Well, now you don’t have to be. Here are a few vegan products so you can participate in tomorrow’s important event.

Veggie Bacon
Also called “vacon,” companies like Lightlife and Morning Star Farms make vegetarian or vegan bacon. Advantages include high fiber, low fat and no cholesterol. Phoney Baloney offers what they claim is the world’s first vegan, gluten-free, coconut-based bacon.

Magic Vegan Bacon Grease

Did you grow up on Southern-fried greens and biscuits dripping with bacon fat? If so, you might miss it now that you’re vegan. Magic Vegan Bacon Grease tastes like the real thing but is non-hydrogenated, non GMO and made from coconut, soy protein, spices and hickory smoke flavor.

Boink and Oink Bacon Flavored Lubricant

For those who feel the loss of bacon from their lives in a, well, personal and intimate way, there’s Wet® Boink N’ Oink BACON Flavored Lubricant™. It’s vegan, Kosher, non-staining and paraben-free. Now even vegans can baconize their sex lives.

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