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Vegans are taking over the world!

It's all the buzz lately... Everyone who's anyone has heard. Have you?...

Guess what? Vegan is the new Vegetarian!

And we thought Paul McCartney had gone senile.

Today the new November/December issue of VegNews collided with Whole Foods endcaps all over the country, bringing with it the new testament of all things vegan in 2009: the results of the Veggie Awards. Thanks to Ecorazzi we had a preview of a few of the award recipients a few weeks ago. But those were just the obvious ones, like Ellen DeGeneres and her newly announced veganism, the miracle that is Daiya cheese and the comeback that had everyone re-watching Clueless: Alicia Silverstone.

We wanted the whole list, as many of us had voted for our friends that were on the list and products that are close to our vegan hearts. As a community, we vegans often reach out for the luxuries that we haven't gotten for so long, like the ability to even vote on such things as "Favorite vegan cheese" or "Favorite Veg Meat". The excitement that lingers in our hearts when we find that our own favorite brand of vegan ice cream has been chosen by vegans all over the country is something to savor. We feel verified and inspired because even though we have never been to New York City and frequented the many vegan restaurants there as Alicia and Ellen may do, we are comforted to know that our lifestyle is spreading throughout the world. Compassion is spreading throughout the world. Who wouldn't find this exciting?

Flipping through the pages of VegNews today, words like "recycled" and "animal-free designs" combined with "L'Oreal" and "Twitter" to get combinations like "Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale" and "Veg Convenience". One of the award categories makes us wonder, are we really on the brink of "Global Veg Domination"? And if so, who or what is the mastermind behind this sneaky scam?  How can we help?

From long-time and expert vegans in the know like meetup leaders, vegan bloggers and Animal Rights demonstrators to beginning vegans and vegetarians, the movement's growth is a hot topic. At festivals for natural and healthy living, you'd expect this kind of talk about the dangers of animal production, but to see it in mainstream news? This is new. It is motivational. We now have no excuse not to go forward and shine our bright vegan light in the darkness.

The bottom line: veganism has been accepted, at least for now, by a small enough faction of US society to be our figurative 'sword in the stone'. Pulling it out will be the hardest task yet, but at least the world is aware of its presence.  It is aware of the possibility that we may just have the power to change our lifestyles and in doing so, change the world. The only difference is that it won't be just the chosen one who is able to remove it, but only the combination of all of us together that will make the difference.

Other stars of the Veggie Awards: Heather Mills, Biz Stone of Twitter, Candle 79 restaurant in NYC, Jason Mraz, Whale Wars and QuarryGirl's Operation Pancake scandal in LA.

This is only the beginning. Soon we will have our own vegan version of Kanye West scorning a vegan Taylor Swift off the award platform because Beyonce wrote a better vegan cookbook.

Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. We can dream, can't we?

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  • Chris 5 years ago

    If Ellen DeGeneres is vegan, she must also be celibate.

    Nuff said.

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