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Vegan sex?

Everyone loves reading about, talking about, hearing about SEX.  But…vegan sex?  This doesn’t mean no more of your boyfriends sausage, but it better be a tofurky dog.

Word is out that vegans are tightening their belts when it comes to sex or serious relationships with meat eaters, claiming carnivores bodies are made up of animal carcasses or graveyards for animals.  Ultimately supporting the timely phrase “you are what you eat.”

Vegan-sexual is the term coined by Annie Potts from University of Canterbury in New Zealand for vegans who prefer to have sex with only other vegans.  Some even claiming that vegans taste and smell nicer.  Potts research was minimal and consisted of interviewing only 157 people of which 120 were women, and not all were vegan.  Obviously not a very thorough study of the sexual preferences of vegans, but certainly an intriguing start.

Information regarding the subject is limited, although several articles were published. A handful (some referred to for this article) are featured below:

Vegetable magnetism

Are you vegan-sexual?

Do it with each other.

I want my sex without meat.

With all the vegan sexuality going around, there are also plenty of vegan dating sites. Be on the lookout for an article to help you find your animal friendly match!

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  • Pat 4 years ago

    That sure is something to think about, isn't it.

  • Mark 4 years ago

    They are not qualified to make that broad
    universal claim. It one of many things
    that turns me off to the Vegan movement.
    There's too many egotistical "quacks" in it. There's too many
    who call themselves "Vegan" are actually people who are
    masking extreme issues of relationship with food !( closet bulimia & anorexia)
    Many Vegans are online touting their phony holistic credentials and
    making unfounded health claims when they are not qualified to make those claims.
    There are no accredited institutions that have programs focused on holistic nutrition.
    These people are holding up mail order degrees as if they have legal accreditation
    & They specialize in giving Internet nutritional advice when they do not have
    proper adequate for state licensing.



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