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Vegan or not-vegan food is the fuel of healthy detox

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There’s plenty of debate these days as to whether meat is bad for you. Some experts say it’s the meat itself that encourages inflammation of tissues and thus leads to dysfunctional tissues that eventually become cancerous. Others says that factory-raised meat contains carcinogens because the animals are exposed to pollutants in their environment and those chemicals end up in their tissue which is consumed by humans. So the debate rages on about vegan diets-which are free of all animal products-are healthier.

A different theory may shed light on the subject as detox diets become popular. Natural detox diets-ones that do not employ medicines or chemicals-are typically vegan. These diets have been shown to be affective at clearing the colon, speeding up digestion and allowing people to lose weight, and the reason may be simpler than many popular explanations. Let’s assume the meat a person eats is raised on a small far and the animal isn’t exposed to pollutants during and is never lives in cruel conditions, nor is the animal slaughtered in a manner that would cause it distress. So the meat is clean, how could it be harmful?

The meat itself may very well not be contributing chemicals to the body, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contribute to chemical poisoning of a person over the long term. How can this be possible? Because meat takes a very long time to digest. While the contents of a vegan smoothie can begin to digest in as little as fifteen minutes, meat can take at least 24 hours, according to the Mayo Clinic, and additional sources say can take more time than that. What does this mean?

You’ll eat three more times in the next 24 hours, so everything eaten in that period backs up in the colon behind the meat. And if you eat more meat, that meat gets backed up as well. Backed-up colons mean a back-up of the entire waste expulsion process. That means toxic waste products that are naturally produced by the body can’t be expelled from your body. They remain in the tissues and cells and literally poison the body over the long term. In the short term, cells can’t repair themselves because they can’t flush out the waste that hinders such functions. And if the colon gets backed up enough, the toxins in the feces can literally start to be reabsorbed into the body as well, intensifying the toxification process, which is known as “autoxitifcation”.

The failure to expel waste in a timely manner also means that toxins acquired from the environment stay in the body longer as well. These toxins may come from the air, water, the workplace and beyond. About 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced to us since the year 1900, and doctors says most cancers are caused by them.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US, and, according to Physicians for Social Responsibility, at least 75 percent of those cancers are caused by various chemicals. For this reason, ordinary constipation, if chronic, can actually lead to an early death since it contributes directly to autotoxification. About 70,000 Americans report suffering from chronic constipation, and about 40,000 report using laxatives regularly. According to, about 50,000 Americans will die from colorectal cancer this year and another 140,000 new cases will be diagnosed.

Vegan detox diets, and a diet of vegan foods after, leads to shorter digestion times. These digest tend to be fiber rich, which aids natural cleansing of the colon. Whether people think meat is murder or not, dining carnivorously could possibly lead to a shorter life.