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Vegan month


Speak with your food
Sara Jelley, food: Boulder Vegan Meetup members

November, among many other things, is officially Vegan month. Here's the top 3 things we can do in Colorado to spread the vegan love!

  1. Have vegan dinner out
    We in Colorado are so lucky  to have a plethora of places and ways to celebrate November as Vegan month. In Denver, support your local vegan establishments to help veganism grow and thrive. Watercourse Foods and vegan friendly places like Rebellion Pizza and the Mercury Cafe are the soul of the vegan community in Denver and in Colorado. The people that eat there are the soul, because they support vegan, environmentally-conscious businesses like these.  To celebrate Vegan month, buy vegan from these and other places in Colorado!
  2. Tell your friends and take action
    We have a less politically conservative population in Colorado (in many places, not all) that provides support for the vegan movement as well. The people we interact and communicate with every day might not know enough, if anything, about veganism. There are many people opposed to veganism but there are just as many who are questioning their omnivore or vegetarian diets. The more they know the more opportunity they have to affect change. Many support the vegan lifestyle or want to change themselves but have no idea how. Inform, but in an accepting and positive way.
  3. Be a pro-activist
    Food, flyers, stickers, blogs, tweets, and your own sweet voice are the best tools for activism. You don't have to go to demonstrations to save the lives of animals and make the world an easier and healthier place to live. Hand out recipes at a potluck, bring something vegan to your friends' houses for dinner. Be positive about veganism and never negative about anyone else's point of view. Join a meetup group and learn about ways others participate in the vegan and animal rights community around you.

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