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Vegan meat extravaganza at Hungry Tiger

Happy hour at Hungry Tiger
Happy hour at Hungry Tiger
Caitlin Dobson

Meat substitutes can be a hit-or-miss affair, often with quite a few bland or funky-tasting misses. Fortunately, if you’ve been craving something your average bean burger can’t quite satiate, Portland is the right place to be and Hungry Tiger has your back with a fantastic variety of vegan faux-meats.

vegan corn dogs & pretzel at Hungry Tiger
Caitlin Dobson


Hungry Tiger (formerly known as Hungry Tiger Too) is open from 3 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. on weekdays, and 10 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. on weekends. It is located at 207 SE 12th Ave, about two blocks east of Sandy Boulevard and two blocks south of East Burnside.

Don't judge a dive by its decor

The place might not seem that special at first -- the atmosphere walks the line between dive-y and hip, both the fries and the service are nothing to love or hate, and there are tons of other options walking distance.

However, Hungry Tiger’s strengths lie in its entrees, and it sets itself apart from your average Portland bar with a main menu proclaiming “all items can be made vegan if they aren’t already -- vegan items are prepared on dedicated equipment.” Set your worries aside and prepare to get your junk-food fix.

What to eat

The “Portland famous” vegan corn dogs are highly recommended by vegetarians and omnivores alike. Even those who have been burned by a bad Tofurkey experience will love these in-house hand-battered treats, because the texture and taste of these dogs is perfect. They’re the special on Wednesdays, priced at $2 each or $3 for five.

Looking for more meat-like deliciousness? Try the vegan tacos, which consist of seasoned seitan and chopped veggies heaped onto a corn tortilla. They are a bit messy, but the spicy flavor and juicy, meaty texture of the seitan make them worth it. The vegan tacos are not on the regular menu, so stop by for them on Tuesdays when they are the daily special.

There are plenty of other faux-meat options to try as well, such as the “Vings” (tofu hot wings), and sandwiches like the T.L.T. (tempeh, lettuce, and tomato). However, the menu is diverse and includes many more options, including plenty of stuff for your omnivore pals. Stop by during happy hour for a cheap drink, and give some of these creative vegan creations a try.

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