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Vegan lunch at Loving Hut


Ever since Alice and Friends Café in Edgewater converted to international vegan chain, Loving Hut, I have wanted to stop in to see what this bright, breezy restaurant has to offer for hungry lunch-goers. Luckily, they recently extended their lunch menu and are open from 11:00am till 2:00pm to offer their lunchtime selections.

The lovely interior of Loving Hut in Chicago
Stephanie Herzog

The Loving Hut is a welcoming and brightly painted café-style restaurant with plenty of dining space and very attentive and helpful service. The café sells delicious vegan cookies and other treats, and will even provide you with literature on how to maintain a vegan diet. Relax at your table while you make your lunch selection then order at the counter and the staff will bring your food out to you. Lunchtime appetizers include fried or steamed dumplings, vegan spring rolls, fresh tofu, fried lotus roots, or a side salad. Entrees consist of curry, braised tofu, Kung pao “chicken,” royal pho (Vietnamese), or a veggie burger or hotdog. Wash it all down with an iced latte, some ginger tea, or enjoy a piece of vegan cheesecake or mousse pie for dessert.

The food at Loving Hut is flavorful and fresh, and as long as you don’t go with one of the fried options (although I won’t blame you if you do), is quite healthy. My “Green Earth” salad I had was a good size and full of fresh greens, julienned beets, olives, onions, and was covered in a delicious ginger vinaigrette. My big vegan sausage was served on a fluffy toasted bun and was quite juicy and flavorful. My friend had the Kung pao with brown rice, and the veggies were all very fresh and the stir-fry sauce very delicious. Even if you are not vegan (I myself am only a vegetarian), you won’t be missing anything. Invite your friends (meat eaters or not) out to lunch at Loving Hut and you will leave feeling satisfied and healthy.

Loving Hut
5812 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60660

Phone: (773) 275-8797
Hours: Daily 11:00am – 2:00pm (lunch), and 4:00pm – 9:00pm (Dinner)


  • Shamontiel (Chicago News & Events Examiner) 5 years ago

    I'm all about the Runaway Potato and California (rolls?). The soy jerk tofu on the counter is good to snack on, too. I'm also obsessed with the lemon tofu.

  • Bonnie Jean (Chicago Culture & Events Examiner 5 years ago

    I want to try every place you write about. Seems like being vegetarian in Chicago is never boring. Thanks.

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