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Vegan Halloween

Jack-O-Lanterns are all vegan!
Jack-O-Lanterns are all vegan!

How to pursue a Happy Halloween while vegan?  Start with costumes - make sure they are for you, not for the animals in your life. Most animals are not too thrilled to be dressed up for the amusement of adults. If you do opt for costumes for others, please make certain they are both safe and comfortable and remove as soon as possible.  Many commercial costumes make it difficult for animals to move and present choking hazards. Please proceed with caution - or better yet, leave the animals be and think about your own costume instead.

Vegan Halloween Candy

What to give out to those Trick or Treaters?  Halloween candy options seem to increase every year for vegans, but please read the labels. There are many online sites that tout a long list of vegan candies, many of which contain animal ingredients. Here are a few that appear to be vegan:

  • Airheads Taffy
  • Cracker Jacks
  • Crows
  • Dots (Kosher)
  • Mamba Sours
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Swedish Fish
  • Yummy Earth Lollipops

You may also order your candy from a vegan online merchandiser, thereby supporting a vegan business and ensuring that all products are guaranteed vegan.

Animal Safety is a Priority

A word of caution: please make certain to keep all smaller animals indoors, especially black cats.  There are always a few devils out there that may not be the kind that wear costumes. Please, protect your animals during this holiday. If your front door will be opened frequently, you may want to move your cats or dogs to a back room during the heavy traffic period.

Use an old pillowcase to collect candies rather than purchasing a plastic bucket which will only be used once a year. Anything that helps the environment helps the animals that live in what remains of their habitat.

If you have young children that are going around your neighborhood, make certain they have a responsible adult with them and have reflective gear on their costumes and/or bring a flashlight along to light their way.

Many communities also have Harvest Festivals as an option to going from home to home, allowing the adults to relax among familiar folks in a contained environment. Others opt for their own backyard Halloween festival, with everyone in the neighborhood bringing a tent to set up and kids going from one tent to another to collect candy.

Local Options for Non Candy Halloween Treats

If you are concerned about the use of sugar, there are other options, too. Individual boxes of raisins, sweetened dried cranberries, trail mix, pretzels and other dried fruits are available in most grocers. Locally, try:

  • Target Stores
  • I-360 at Camp Wisdom Road
  • Grand Prairie, TX 75052


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