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Vegan gift ideas for the holidays


Avoid giving pets as presents
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Whether you are a vegan wanting to purchase vegan-friendly gifts for others or know a vegan on your gift list, here are some helpful tips and resources for buying animal-free this holiday season.

Clothing and accessories:

Although clothing can sometimes be tricky to buy for others, sticking with a classic sweater or a scarf and hat set is usually a safe option. Many sweaters and winter outerwear are made with wool, which is obtained through very cruel practices. Simply reading the content label on garments is the easiest way to find out if it is animal-free. Don’t forget to also stay away from leather, alpaca, angora, and silk.

If online shopping is how you prefer to buy, visit Pristine Planet where you can search for sweaters and the like according to materials. Be sure you still read the product description to ensure the item does not also contain other materials of animal origin. Caring Consumer is another great place for cruelty-free sweater shopping.

Wine and spirits:

Many people are not aware that vegans also have to choose their wine and beer carefully. Some spirits are filtered or processed with animal products or even contain them. supplies you with a searchable list of over 700 vegan booze items, or use the Vegan Wine Guide to verify your favorite wine is vegan.

Bath and body:

Traditional bath and body products potentially contain numerous animal by-products and many are still unfortunately tested on animals. If you know your ingredients and which ones are animal by-products, you can easily make your selection at a local health food store. You can also look for a vegan seal on the back of the product.

Visiting a strictly vegan store is a great way to make your selection easier. Vegan Essentials and The Vegan Store are just a few of the online vegan-only retailers to help make your holiday shopping hassle-free and animal-free.

Books (especially vegan cookbooks), a donation to a vegan-friendly charity, magazine subscriptions to VegNews or Vegetarian Times, cooking utensils, vegan candles, vegan treats, or gift certificates to local vegan restaurants also make great gifts.

Remember, just because your dad is not a vegan doesn’t mean you have to buy him a leather wallet this year. Buy him something he will appreciate and that also stays in line with your beliefs.


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