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Vegan Food Tidbits For Metro Denver

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Whether you're eating vegan in a restaurant or shopping vegan so you can be cooking vegan, there's a mix of different things folks in Metro Denver and Brighton ought to know. There is good news and no-so-good news.

When it comes to shopping vegan, the overall outlook is good. A new Whole Foods store has been planned for Westminster on 120th Avenue, which is good news for folks in the North area. They will no longer have to drive up to Superior when it is done. Brighton residents will certainly reap the benefits of a closer store indeed.

Shopping vegan has become easier in general in Metro Denver, with a large part of the reason being that the area's biggest supermarket chain, King Soopers is acknowledging the growing demand for natural foods. The store's Simple Truth brand line includes many new vegan foods, from vegan burgers to vegan pork and everything in between.

Some vegan purists might scoff at "transition foods" such as vegan burgers, but these foods are often the first step toward trying something new for many people who still feel skittish about eating vegan. Consider the fact that most who enjoy meat probably decided they loved the taste of a good hamburger before they decided to put forth the effort to learn to cook brazed beef or seared steak.

Vegan transition foods embolden any eater's sense of adventure and remind them that the transition won't be so tough. These foods also serve a valuable purpose when non-vegans host vegan friends for a meal and don't know what to cook, and make it much easier to have a summer barbecue where some guests might be vegan. Furthermore, Simple Truth vegan foods, alike all foods with the same label, are all natural, so they are a healthy choice even for the non-vegan.

With good news did come some bad news for vegan shoppers. The Examiner has been unable to find the venerable Field Roast brand vegan sausages at Sprouts, which had carried them for the best price. They were still found at Whole Foods and Natural grocers. Contrary to what some have said, textured vegetable protein (TVP) has not vanished from Whole Foods or Sprouts, they have just stopped selling it in bulk.