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Vegan dinner hosts radical superstar Peter Young

Peter Young, Animal Rights Advocate
Peter Young, Animal Rights Advocate
Animal Liberation front

A potluck dinner in Boulder will feature controversial and popular keynote speaker Peter Young this weekend. Gatherings of the Boulder and Beyond Vegan Group are always entertaining, and their monthly potluck dinners are no exception. Tables are lines with appetizers and entrees and people feats and chat and enjoy distinguished guests, and this weekend’s gathering won’t be an ordinary vegan valentine’s meal.

Peter Young is known as a “criminal of conscience”. He has been in prison, been convicted as a felon, and is called a superhero by animal rights activists. Young created the website called Animal Liberation Front (or A.L.F.) Website that chronicles the movements of animal protection advocates and has never been afraid to challenge the social establishment for what he considers morally right.

Young himself served two years in a federal penitentiary for releasing 8,000 minks from an Iowa fur farm, various sources said. The release of minks from fur farms has been a popular act among animal activists nationwide. Activists freed a large group of minks in New Hampshire in 2000 and this type of act continues to be popular. Just last year, another such act gained national intention when minks were released from a farm in Wisconsin.

An organization under the same ALF name was described in 2012 by San Francisco Magazine as “a decentralized, improvisational, anarchic club that has become so good at being faceless that it is now practically inhuman”.

The magazine published an article following the ALF bombing at Harris Ranch in the San Joaquin Valley, a large cattle transfer operation. The group burned 14 cattle transport trucks.

Young has gained both positive and negative notoriety as he fights for what he says is a proper moral cause to stop cruelty to animals and fight a culture that condones cruelty in general.

"They're [the animal activists] the only ones fighting the real terrorism which is what's happening on these farms. You can see terror in these animals' eyes. What these activists are doing is an attempt to stop that. These farmers make a living off of killing animals," Young told a publication called Deseret News .

In Boulder, Young will speak about his experiences observing factory farms and will be on hand to answer questions. It is expected that at least 50 people will attend the invite-only presentation in Boulder on February 15.

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