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Vegan breakfast part I


                   Make it vegan!

Ever miss those huge greasy carnivorous breakfasts? Everyone feels great, and great about themselves after granola and fruit in the morning, but what about the bacon and eggs. Here’s how to do it the vegan way:

Eggs = Tofu Scramble
 Crumble extra firm tofu into lightly oiled frying pan, and allow to heat. Add  tahini approximately one tablespoon per tofu serving. Add hot sauce or salsa  to taste.

Bacon = Fakin‘ Bacon(Light life organic smoky tempeh strips)
 Put in pan with a TINY bit of oil and cook until heated and browned. Great  taste and protein without the cholesterol or processing of tofu.

Hash Browns = Add a new twist
 Shred half a red or white potato and half a sweet potato. Saute garlic and  onion to taste in frying pan with oil. Add potato and cook soft and brown. It’s  a nice twist on the classic white potato hash browns. Serves 2-3.
Bagels and Cream Cheese = Toffuti Cream cheese 
 Tofutti cream cheese has a light, whipped cream cheese taste. Great on fresh  bagels. The chives and herbs one is a favorite. There is also plain, french  onion, smoked salmon, garlic and herb, and garden veggie.

Be on the lookout for more vegan breakfast treats. Coffee cake is next!

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