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'Veep' cast tells all about season 3 before finale on Sunday, June 8

With the VEEP Season 3 finale airing on HBO this Sunday, June 8, 2014, enjoy this recap of the cast (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott, Timothy Simons, Sufe Bradshaw, Gary Cole, Kevin Dunn and Creator Armando Iannucci) sharing fun behind-the-scenes moments at Paley Fest 2014 in Hollywood. For more laughs, enjoy our VEEP Video with their LOL “breaking points” and magic behind this comedy.

L to R: Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott and Timothy Simons at VEEP Paley Fest Panel 2014
L to R: Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott and Timothy Simons at VEEP Paley Fest Panel 2014
by Liz H Kelly
Julia Louis-Dreyfus with VEEP Season 3 Cast at Paley Fest 2014
by Liz H Kelly

In Season 3, Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) wants to become President. During the finale this weekend, there will be two back-to-back episodes juggling Selina’s appearances in the hours before the New Hampshire primary.

If we hit rewind with the cast, here are some LOL memories of what happened in the beginning and in Season 3. When asked about her first impression of the script, Julia Louis-Dreyfus confessed, “Even before I read the script, I was told about this extraordinary concept, Armando’s, and it was pitched to me as an unhappy VP, and I was like I’m in.”

Julia then expanded by describing her first meeting with Creator Armando Iannucci, “When we met, we were meant to have tea for a half-an-hour, and we ended up chatting for three and one-half hours about all aspects of storytelling, and we got along great, and it just felt perfect. And the script was even better than that, so it was just one happy, delightful, surprise gift after another for me.”

And when asked about this VP character, Armando revealed with a big smile and British accent, “We wrote it as a woman. Just because we thought let’s make it not Joe Biden or Dick Cheney….And also, let’s make it forward thinking rather than retrospective so let’s make it a woman.”

While the initial meetings were full of love, VEEP takes you into a world of constant conflict and challenges of a Vice President and her staff in Washington D.C. Fortunately; the cast is full of comedians who know how to bring entertaining and spontaneous debates into the script.

Matt Walsh (Mike) then commented on the improv on set, “I think it’s intelligent scripts that test me as an actor. It’s been quite easy in the best way. We do mess with each other, and some people are worst than others.”

After Reid Cox (Dan) and Timothy Simons (Jonah) bantered about tall jokes and what makes them laugh the hardest on set (including the limo scenes), Tony Hale (Gary) then got serious for a moment.

Tony thanked the writers by reflecting, “I will say the gift that we’ve been given, is in TV you do not have the rehearsal time we’re allowed, so when we get together, the writers have worked so hard on these scripts forming the foundation and the structure, and then they just give it to us to find that chemistry and to make it fluid and come up with fun bits, and it’s just this awesome team and collaborative thing, and it’s a tremendous gift to an actor to have that.”

And then Julia gave the fans a dare, “I would like to challenge our audience. As you watch Season 3, keep an eye on Tony Hale.” So how did Tony and the rest of the cast do? Watch Sunday night 10 – 11 p.m. ET/PT to see how this Season 3 story ends.

© Liz H Kelly @LizHKelly, National Digital Entertainment Columnist and Goody PR

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