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Vatican UN Observer joins plea for military aid to Christians in Iraq

Iraqi families who fled fighting near the city of Mosul prepare to sleep on the ground
Iraqi families who fled fighting near the city of Mosul prepare to sleep on the ground
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The Holy See’s permanent observer to the United Nations has said that the situation on the ground in Iraq in areas under the control of the ISIS caliphate is intolerable, and called for the area’s Christian population to be placed under military protection. “We hope the voice that is surging from different Christian and religious communities, from moderate Muslims, from people of good will around the world, may find the response of concrete humanitarian assistance that is provided for the Christians in northern Iraq as well as some political and even effective military protection,” the Vatican’s official UN observer, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi said in an interview with Vatican Radio on Saturday which was released today. The Holy See’s official comments through its UN Observer come as the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon, Louis Raphael I Sako, questioned on Monday whether the response of the U.S. will be enough to help what remains of Iraq’s Christian population.

“The position of the American president Obama only to give military assistance to protect Erbil is disappointing,” the Patriarch said. “The Americans are not up to a rapid solution to give hope specifically as they are not going to attack the ISIS in Mosul and in the Nineveh Plain. The confirmation that this terrible situation will continue until the Iraqi Security Forces will fight along with Peshmerga against the ISIS militants is very depressing. The President of the Kurdistan Region said that the Kurdish troops are fighting with a terrorist State and not minor groups! While the country is under fire, the politicians in Baghdad are fighting for power.”

“At the end, perhaps, Mosul will not be liberated neither the villages in the Nineveh Plain. There is no strategy to dry up the sources of manpower and the resources of these Islamic terrorists. They control the oil town of Zumar and the oil fields of Ain Zalah and Batma along with the oil fields of Al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor in Syria. The Islamic extremist fighters are joining them from different countries around the world,” Patriarch Sako explained.