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Vatican Prostitution Scandal Emerges

Allegations of sexual abuse by priests have been widespread since the mid-90s.
Allegations of sexual abuse by priests have been widespread since the mid-90s.
Photo: Associated Press

The BBC reported today that two esteemed members of the pope's inner circle have been charged with taking part in male prostitution continually for a number of years. Police uncovered the scandal during a wire tap related to another matter.

Since the allegations of sexual abuse by members of the Catholic clergy became nearly ubiquitous almost a decade ago, rumors of sexual misconduct by Church higher-ups have seemingly exploded. And yet, the source of the problem seems to  get off the hook. Surely, these are just bad eggs, somehow ordained under false pretenses, right?

Or, are they gay men who have tried deeply to suppress their natural desires in the name of God, even going so far as to take a futile vow of celibacy? Or is it the other way around -- does the  absolute starvation of sexual expression bring out the  very actions the Church seeks to quell?

The men involved in this particular scandal are volunteers. It does not appear they took vows of celibacy, though they have chosen to support a church which teaches celibacy as the highest virtue, and condemns homosexuality and any sexual activity outside of marriage -- indeed, any sexual activity which does not aid procreation.  What draws people to this way of life, dishonoring their own natural desires?

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  • china 5 years ago

    methinks the church doth protest too much
    (reminds me of the classic study

  • PW 5 years ago

    The amount you don't know about the Catholic Church is pretty impressive.

  • Janine 5 years ago

    Celebacy isn't natural. If priests could have open sexual relationships I doubt that there would be all this sexual misconduct. I also think it's very feasible that what draws some of these men into the priesthood and into a life is celebacy is that they are running away unusual desires.

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