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Vatican cocaine shipment turned sting: Cocaine filled condoms left unclaimed

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The Vatican had a shipment of cocaine on the way, but it was intercepted in Germany. A box with cushions hid 14 condoms filled with cocaine and while the shipment wasn’t an eyebrow raiser, the address it was addressed to was, according to MSN News on March 24.

The shipment was simply addressed to the Vatican postal office, so that means that any of the 800 residents of the Vatican could have picked up the package. The Vatican police cooperated with the German authorities in a sting to see who would come into the Vatican post office and claim the box, but no one came.

Authorities believed the intended receiver was tipped off to the sting. The shipment had a street value of “several tens of thousands of euros,” according to MSN.

The box with the cushions inside came from South America. The Vatican mini-state has only 800 residents, but not a one made the effort to retrieve the very costly shipment.
There are no leads as to who was expecting a shipment of cocaine at the Vatican, but the investigation remains open.



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